When to Call Fire Fighters


Fire can be often contained on your own if acting promptly, however, in some cases it is better to call the fire fighters rather than trying to put down the fire with a fire extinguisher for instance. On the other hand, you should not call the fire fighters for every slightest fire accident either because there may be someone else in serious trouble needing those fire fighters heading towards your home at the very same moment.

Fire poses a serious hazard to both your property and well being, however, it is necessary to use some common sense when having problems with fire. An innocent cooking accident usually is not an emergency situation but if the whole room is on fire, it is better to get everyone out of the house and call the fire fighting department rather than trying to put it down on your own because the fire is not the only hazard. In fact, most deaths are caused by suffocation from smoke inhalation rather than the fire itself. In addition, a fire poses a risk of structural collapses which can trap you inside the burning building. Follow your pre-planned fire escape strategy and think on your own and your family’s safety first. Things can be replaced but a lost human life cannot.


Fire-proof building methods and educational campaigns have significantly reduced large scale fires but a fire from a burning building can easily spread to the nearby structures. If noticing a smoke coming out of a building, do not ignore it but before you call the fire fighters, ring the door to see if the owners have the fire under control because an “innocent“ fire or cooking accident can result in lots of smoke as well. However, if no one opens the door, do not hesitate to call for help. Try to break down the door but do not go in if there is a lot of suffocating smoke. Move away from the building and wait for the fire fighters.

Just as important is to call the fire fighting department if noticing a fire in the nature. Do not assume that the fire fighters are already informed about it because they might are not. And in this case, your call will significantly reduce the severity of the wildfire because prompt action is the key in wildfire fighting and prevention of the damage it can cause to the environment, and human property and life.

In addition to immediate action when noticing fire, you should follow the basic fire safety measures because most fires are a result of human factors. Make sure that all your family members, especially your children are aware of the dangers of fire and be very careful with fire outdoors and wilderness areas because it can grow out of control very quickly outdoors. Also, be careful with other ignition sources such as cigarette butts and sparks from various equipment and machinery, especially during the so-called wildfire season when the risk of fire in the wilderness areas is highest.