What to Do in Case of A Fire

Fire Escape

Knowing what to do in case of a fire is the key for your own and your family’s survival which is why it is crucial to make a fire escape plan in advance and make sure that everyone knows how to react in the worst case scenario. Other than making sure that all your family members remember that fire alarm or a predetermined signal such as a gong or hand bell means “fire“, they should also know what to do next and how to stay safe in case the fire is blocking both the main and alternative way out of the house.

Ideally, your fire escape plan should always include an alternative route in case if the main exit is blocked. However, it is important to remain as calm as you can when hearing the fire alarm going off and touch the door before opening it. If it is cool, open it slowly and have a look on the hallway to see what is going on. If you see the smoke but do not see the fire, cover your nose and mouth with towel or t-shirt (ideally wet) to filter the air and get out of the house as fastest you can because the smoke can make you disoriented or even unconscious.

But if your way out is blocked by a fire, use a predetermined alternative route or a window if possible. If the alternative way is blocked too and being in the second floor or higher, go back to your room, close the door and put something underneath such as sheets or clothing to prevent the smoke from coming into the room, and yell out of the window for help. Also, hang a sheet (ideally white) out of the window to signal that you are in trouble and where you are but do not hold the window open because fresh air gives the fire even more power. This is also the best time to call 112 if having a cell phone at hand.

Fire Extinguisher

If the door feels warm or hot to touch, do not open it because it is a sign that fire is just behind the door. In this case, follow the same measures as for a blocked way out of the house. It is scary to be trapped in a burning house, however, try to stay calm. You may feel tempted to climb out of the window but it is usually safer to stay inside the room and wait for help. If you must climb out, be sure to be faced against the wall.

A fire escape plan should also include a meeting place so that you can immediately tell if everyone made it out of the house. However, do not return into the house if missing someone unless it is safe to go back in. Otherwise, wait for the fire fighters. If all your family members made it out, be sure to tell the fire fighters so that they will not be putting their lives in danger for no reason. .